Surprise Discoveries Make My Day

January 29, 2013

I made two discoveries today...two discoveries that I'm sure others already know about, but still tickled me when I found them out. First, if you are lacking vanilla extract for your baking needs, maple syrup does the trick! I was in the middle of making some simple homemade sugar cookies (simple = jiffy mix, milk, sugar, butter, an egg, & vanilla extract) when I remembered that I have yet to replenish my supply of vanilla extract. So I rummaged through the cabinets and opted to try out some maple syrup. I was nervous about the outcome, especially since tonight's guest will be eating these cookies. So of course, as soon as they were out of the oven I tasted them and was pleasantly surprised; the little hint of maple sweetness is delicious. Now I'm waiting for my fiance to get home with some cool-whip (add some vanilla pudding & you're golden) so I can put together a simple frosting and top with a raspberry.

But before dessert, we must have dinner, which is chicken pot pie (yum!). First things first the chicken needed to be cooked so I opted to bake it. As a final thought before slipping the pyrex into the oven, I decided to put enough water in the pan to come half-way up the chicken breast and then to cover the entire dish with aluminum foil. Forty minutes later the chicken is done and remarkably tender! I will have to remember this for another chicken dinner occasion and throw in some spices to pizazz it up! Let's hope the guest likes what's been cooking...