Home Project Week!

January 28, 2013

Today is the start of DIM (do.it.myself) week. And I'm not sure who is more excited, me (I get to decorate & design) or Pete (he gets to use powers tools). Either way, it's safe to say that we are both enjoying the handiwork and the time we get to spend together. We have four projects, three of which we are working on together and one I'm tackling myself. There are old photo frames, a desk Pete made during college, and pillows that are all undergoing a revamp and taking on a new look. The frames are being spray painted and hung on the wall in a collage, the desk is being painted an eggshell white, and the pillows are being recovered. The fourth project, a side table for the living room, is being built and stained. Can you guess which project is Pete's favorite, and which one I'm doing solo??

The pictures have been printed and the frames have been arranged.
They've been hung and next comes the frame makeover!
The desk in the beginning...
A man's desk, on it's way to getting a feminine touch...

After it's first coat...
Not too shabby, just a few more coats to go!
Coat #2 is now complete
Once it's finished, I'm adding some woven baskets to the shelves for some attractive storage!
The wood is just waiting for us to begin the table
I think it will be a good looking table if I do say so myself!