Our Favorite Parts of 2012!

December 31, 2012

  • We both graduated from Virginia Tech (he in May and she in December) 
  • He started a great job 
  • Celebrated 1 year together  (best year of our lives!)
  • Family moved closer (from TX to NC)
  • Announcements of three new family additions (3 nephews!)
  • We discovered The Alamo in TX and VA 
  • Had our first big-city adventure in Charlotte 
  • Flew together for the first time (amazing trip to TX)
  • Camping trips at the beach and in the mountains 
  • We both turned 22 
  • Moved to Maryland
  • Pete's beard grew in fully (no patches!)
  • Started planning our wedding 
  • Our families met each other 
  • Fell in love with Monopoly (which was short lived)
  • Made wonderful friends 
  • Survived 6 months of long distance (yay it's over!)
  • Spent our 1st Thanksgiving and Christmas together 
Most importantly we furthered our walk with God, spent ample time with family, and dreamt new hopes for our future! Happy New Year!!!!