Maryland Here We Come

December 30, 2012

Moving day! Yes, today we packed up everything and fit it into a 17 foot U-Haul like a giant puzzle. It was freezing (29 degrees kind of freezing), but we got all the furniture and boxes tucked away for the journey to Maryland (thanks to my mom & dad for their help). And by 9 tonight we finally arrived to wait out the next twelve hours until we get the keys to our apartment.

As excited as I am, a new rush of emotion has suddenly caught up with me. It's the same sentimental emotion that I have been warding off since the week of graduation. My life is changing (in the most wonderful of ways), but nonetheless it is changing. And it chokes me up, but not because I'm not happy. Because it all happened so fast, because I am moving farther from home than I have ever been, because God blessed me so much to give me the amazing life that I have. Had you asked me five years ago where I thought I would be today, I wouldn't have described a life in a small town in Maryland where I was going to begin my career as a freelance writer as an engaged woman to the most amazing man. No, in fact it would not have been anywhere close to that. I'm glad life didn't turn out the way I thought it would those years ago, because I couldn't have planned my future any more perfectly than it is now. Of course this wasn't what I envisioned, but God knew exactly where I needed to be and what I needed to be doing. And here I am, happier than I have ever been.

Really, who moves without eating pizza...