The Chandlerie's Opening Day

May 3, 2023

The long-awaited opening day for The Chandlerie is here!

The Chandlerie is officially open for business!!! Six and half years of envisioning a brick and mortar storefront, including a year of renovations, and I am living out this dream of mine that has evolved in the wait. To think back on the hope, hard work, anticipation, and tears that went into making this happen, humbles me to my core. Even more touching is how much I see God in every detail. Inviting Him into this dream of mine, and praying for His will to be done is the exact reason I opened the door to my little shop yesterday. What an incredible ride it has been! 

I have gained so much knowledge in the last year - from the business side of things to my own strengths. I have learned to be patient, to wait when it's the last thing I wanted to do, and to run when I heard the resounding, "Go!" I have learned to trust God without hesitation and to trust my instinct, standing firm in it even when it's questioned. I am so proud of how much growth - personally, relationally, and professionally - there has been in this process. While I dreamt of this all happening, I didn't know if it would ever come to fruition. My goodness, what a gift that it has!

Opening Day was such an exceptional show of love and support from my friends, family, and community, both local and afar. I was touched to my core with every smiling face that walked through the door. The response to the space brought me so much glee, and I'm still reveling in it. It is beyond rewarding to pour your heart into something so personal and to share it with others. 

My hope is that the shop brings my town and the surrounding towns as much joy as it brings me. That it would be a welcoming experience from the moment a patron steps inside. That with each passing season, I can curate a sense of delight, share the treasure of intentionality, and pass along the simplicity of coziness. Dear reader, you know how excited I am to decorate this place with pumpkins come fall and deck out a Christmas tree for the holidays. There is so much charm to be created and enjoyed! I want to captivate the senses and encourage a slow pace to take it all in. 

If you are local, I hope to see you in the shop! There is a plethora of candles, homewares, and gourmet foods to peruse. And come June, there will be candle-pouring workshops around my shop table! If you aren't local, you can always find us open online and you can catch a glimpse of us through Instagram stories. Whether near or far, thank you for cheering me on! For rooting for me from the very beginning of my candle business! I can't tell you in words just how much it means!