Hill Family Photos 2022

November 23, 2022

 Our yearly family photos with our beloved Chelsea Hartman Photography

On the Eve of Thanksgiving, I'm finding myself in my feels over all the things I have to be thankful for in my life - my family being number one. These four people have completely shaped my life, and they make it all the richer. Together we have the best kind of fun, share belly laughs, enjoy all the snuggles, and just genuinely love the heck out of each other. Sure, there are plenty of challenges in parenthood, life can sometimes feel overwhelming, and life is far from perfect. But, goodness, do I have the most wonderful family!

I look at each of those little faces and feel in complete aw at the gift of their lives. How a childhood dream to be a mom has been fulfilled in them. And I'm forever completely amazed at the detail in which God intricately made them. I cannot think of their lives without feeling an immense amount of love from God with the intentionality that is Greer, Quinn, and Wells. They are every ounce of love, pure innocence, and precocious wit. 

And then there is my favorite human, confidant, and the love of my life. Pete is just the bees knees, truly. He is the most loving, encouraging, and fun person I know. He does everything in his power to support my dreams; care for his people; and provide. He's our resident MacGyver, tickle monster, carpenter, and singer. He's my very best friend, and I'm so very thankful I get to do life with him.

Now that I have gushed over my family, it's time to share the joy and authenticity that my friend Chelsea captured for us at the end of October. I could not love them more!!