An Autumn Home Tour || 2022

October 4, 2022

 An autumn 2022 home tour full of rust-colored accents and even some homegrown pumpkins.

Welcome to the Hill house spruced for autumn! I have been decorated for my favorite season since August, and as you are reading this post, I'm pulling out some spooky Halloween touches to tuck into the spare spaces I have left. I enjoy separating fall and Halloween décor, though it does double up the decorating work. But totally worth giving the start of autumn its own glorious greeting!

It's been two years since I have shared a home tour during the fall, and I'm glad I made the time to get photos this year. That and I am a perfectionist who feels like she can't share until everything is perfect. Our house tends to stay in a constant state of project-mode, which means rooms are never really finished (the kitchen for instance), and it keeps me from sharing. But this year, I am taking the plunge away from perfection to share two things I love most - home design + fall.  

I always love looking back at past seasonal décor to see how it has evolved. This year's fall decorations really reflect my aesthetic, and they make me quite happy. I have found that I love simple, but bold; and natural (dried florals and real pumpkins) instead of artificial. So absolutely every piece of décor falls into those categories. It's really helped me hone my style. 

Our home is feeling all kinds of cozy this time of year, especially when there is a fire roaring in the fireplace. It's one of my great pleasures to have friends and family over to enjoy those cozy vibes. So with that, grab a cup of your favorite drink and come on inside...