HHI 2022 Pt. 2

August 8, 2022

Wrapping up the Hilton Head vacation posts, with some photos from our last day!

Our time on the island was mostly spent on the beach, in the pool, or on a bike. While it might have been vacation, the internal alarm clocks of our children were still ready for early morning wake ups. So our beach time always started way before any crowd could collect on the shore.  And we always found ourselves packing up and heading back to the beach house for lunch and naps when most everyone else was descending onto the sand. Honestly, it was nice to have it this way, and have a bit of solitude. 

While down by the ocean, the favorite activities were bobbing in the waves; playing in the tidal pools gifted from high tide receding back in the ocean's depths; searching for shells; and spotting creatures - there was even a shark in the surf one morning! We also saw Craig Melvin of NBC news and his kiddos walking the beach one early morning and Drew Brees (former quarterback for the Saints) several families in front of us playing putt putt with his family one evening. 

If we weren't on the beach, we were biking. This is the first year we have rented bikes as a family while on the island. I don't think we'll ever not use bikes from here on out. We were able to ride down to the beach with all of our beach-going equipment instead of walking, which took a whole lot longer and a whole lot more man power. Our group of seven biked in the evenings throughout the neighborhoods, and my bike-shy Greer fell in love with riding. The confidence she gained while riding tandem with me and feeling the bike beneath her will surely help her take on her bike here at home.  

And every afternoon from 1 - 3 PM, you could find us lounging poolside; floating in the pool; and seeing how big our cannonball splashes could get. Having a private pool is a game changer when you have children that still nap. Instead of being confined to the house, you have a spot to recharge your own batteries and take in the sun or a dip in the cool water. 

Overall, our vacation was a lovely way to get away from schedules and to-dos at home. It gave us a week to reset ourselves and enjoy the beauty of new surroundings. From alligators and Spanish moss to bike paths and sand collected in all the things, we truly soaked in everything. And I'm so glad our children are coming to love this place as much as we do!