Ripe, Red Strawberries Ready For Picking

June 1, 2022

 Our annual strawberry picking adventure at Chiles Orchard.

I simply cannot believe that our strawberry picking for the year has come and gone. 2022 is zipping on by, and we'll be picking peaches before you know it!

This year was a lot of fun because all three of our babies are big enough to grasp the concept of picking strawberries. Greer and Quinn independently roamed the rows of berries. plucking the reddest ones in their hands until they could hold no more, which they promptly delivered to our shared bucket. Wells knew what his mission was, and as long as the berry was red it was his for the taking. That meant several smashed berries from those overripe ones still clinging to the vine. He, however didn't seem to mind. 

We filled our bucket to the brim under overcast skies - a nice treat for a cooler morning in the fields instead of our typically sweltering time under the sun. It was a lovely pace, and we treated ourselves to cider donuts and strawberry lemonade slushes when we finished.

The rest of our week was spend visiting with Pete's parents. The strawberries went into homemade ice cream for a delicious treat. And while I had wanted to try my hand at some strawberry scones with the leftovers, they ended up going south before we got home. Maybe I'll try some later this summer. 

Next up, blueberry picking in June and peaches in July!