A Blueberry For You! A Blueberry For Me!

June 21, 2022

 Blueberry picking for 2022 is in the books!

Hello to the first day of summer! We celebrated the official start to the new season with fresh blueberry muffins made from our weekend pickings. And yesterday, a blueberry oat loaf was made. There's nothing quite so fun as making desserts and treats with the fruit you've just harvested. I'm wondering if I can squeeze in one more blueberry confection with the remainder of our haul. A certain little boy is gobbling them up faster than you can say 'blueberry.' In fact, he is so crazy for blueberries that he finds ways to scale the kitchen island to reach the basket on top. If it wasn't so cute, he'd be in trouble.

This year's picking is an evolution of sorts from years past. The girls independently picked the entire time, happy to fill their buckets as full as they could. And Wells, the ever-exuberant cherub that he is, had to be reminded not to pick the green ones. He was so thrilled to pick the ripe berries, and even happier to swipe them right out of my bucket and put them into his. In between collecting berries, Wells ran up and down the row, from sisters to mom or dad, blissful as could be. 

The storm from the night before significantly cooled the temperatures here in the mountains of Virginia. It gifted us the most beautiful morning, a bit chilly, overcast at points, and birdsong as our picking melody. Because of such enjoyable weather, we end up spending about an hour rolling the blueberries from their perch in the branches, walking away with six pints of the bluest blues. It gave me the itch to plant our own blueberry bushes. 

I still can't believe this year's blueberry picking is in the books! How time flies is just beyond me. But, here we are - berries picked, treats made, and this blog post full of all the photos ready to be consumed! Peaches, we're coming for you next!