January Snow Days

January 20, 2022

Winter snow storms in the Virginia mountains. 

It's the first post of the new year! I unintentionally took a break from blogging during the holiday season, but I'm so happy to be back here sharing what I love most - our life; recipes; projects; and such. Over the last 20 days of 2022, the mountains of Virginia have seen quite a bit of snow. I wanted to document the first snow of winter - which are these photos - with my digital camera. I love capturing the details of fallen snow and the joy on my babies' faces. However, on our second snowstorm this past Sunday, I sprained my neck and had to sit it out. I'm doing alright, very much in recovery mode, but I was so sad to miss the snow with my family. While it's hard to watch the fun from inside, I have learned that even though prepping to get everyone bundled up for the outdoors is quite a feat, it's worth the wonder once we do it. 

So while I sit here with a heating pad on my neck and a prescription for muscle relaxers, here's a little snippet of our snow from this month...