Apple Picking In October

October 28, 2021

 Our final apple orchard visit of the season! 

Every fall, we try to get into the apple orchard twice. This year was no different, but for our second visit it was just me and my two youngest. With such a busy schedule, it wasn't possible for all five of us to make it. I was hesitant to go by myself at first, but my motivation to pick enough apples for homemade apple butter was just the push I needed. 

After dropping Greer off at kindergarten, I drove over to the next county to enjoy an overcast morning finding the prettiest apples. Quinn had the best time twirling each apple until it plopped freely from the tree into her hands. Wells was content to sit in the wagon and play in the basket of multiplying apples. Toward the end, I dared to get him out of the wagon to try his own hand at picking apples. And to my surprise. he picked apples like a pro - sometimes toppling on his bottom when the apple would give way. 

The three of us had such a good morning collecting our share of apples. And it was a good reminder to keep taking these little adventures solo, which can often feel overwhelming, but end up being so rewarding!