Peach Picking In The Summer Heat

July 7, 2021

 A chronicle of this year's peach picking in the summertime heat!

Summertime wouldn't be summertime if our family wasn't picking all the fresh fruit. We kick off the season with strawberries in May, which leads to blueberries in June, followed by peaches in July. Then we take a little break until apples are ready in September. These are truly some of our most cherished family traditions, and I hope they will be passed down throughout generations. 

Peach picking is always the hottest. The sun seems to be the most intense while out twisting the delicate peaches from their perch in the midsize trees. Even the heat couldn't keep us away though. We have just learned to pick really quickly, then head back to the orchard shop for shade, a breeze, and a peach cider slush. This year, was no different. Quinn decided right away that a few peaches picked was good enough, and she retreated into the wagon with her brother and the fan blowing on them. I can't blame her. So Pete, Greer, and I did the majority of the picking, and filled our bag until it was brimming. 

The peach cider slush hit the spot afterward, and was so refreshing. We resisted the urge to scoop up more of the orchards pre-picked fruit - the peaches were bountiful enough! Then we hit the road for a long weekend away at Pete's parents' in the mountains. Upon our return home, I got to work on dreaming up peach desserts. Yesterday, I made a scrumptious batch of yet-to-be-named peach pastries. That recipe will be on the blog tomorrow! Until then, enjoy this year's peach picking fun...