Quinn-isms Vol. || 1

June 25, 2021

The quirky thoughts and sayings of my newly three-year-old!

My middle child, my sweet Quinn, is a total spitfire. Wth a vivacious personality and smarts beyond her years, she keeps us on our toes and in laughter every single day. To know Quinn is to be totally smitten with her. She knows what she wants and she is determined to have it her way. We affectionately refer to her as our sour patch kid. Feisty and strong-willed one moment, she quickly becomes sweet and cuddly with sugars to freely give the next moment. She is quite literally a bundle of sugar and spice!

Over the years, I've documented my favorite Greer-isms, and now the time has come to share my favorite Quinn-isms. Today is her third birthday - Happy Birthday my darling girl!! And it is such a fitting time to share a little snippet of my our Quinny Cat. 

She is quite articulate, and has always had a lot to say. Her quirky little sayings and catch-phrases keep us in laughter. It's hard not to crack a smile around her, and her cherub little face gets us every single time. Just when you think she's said it all, she surprises us again with her wit and humor. We couldn't love her more!

Here is a collection of her little thoughts and sayings that I've been documenting since she was about 22 months old - circa early 2020!

Me (M): I love you with all my heart!
Quinn (Q): I love you with all you heart!

**referring to her baby brother...
Q: He's to tchute (cute)! 

**if anyone does something she doesn't like/agree with...
Q: You're being ruuuude!!!! That's rude! 

**watching the wind blow through the fall trees...
Q: Mom, the weaves (leaves) are dancing!

The way she says....
- Oatmeal - opa-meal
- her name - Fwinn
- meow - mau (rhymes with 'how')
- adoarable - adoreeeble 
- Apple Jacks (the cereal) - Jumping Jacks

Q: I want to talk to Santa Claus.
M: What do you want to talk to him about?
Q: I want to ask for a ride.
M: A ride in what?
Q: His sleigh.

**telling Quinn we are going to the beach this summer...
Q: Oh yeah! I want to swim in a bathing soup!

**after bath she comes running to me, and throws her hands up - palm side facing me - to reveal pruned fingers...
Q: (in a concerned voice) What happened?!

**to Wells...
Q: you're as cute as a baby!

**talking about giving her pacifier up...
M: You're such a big girl!
Q: No, I not!
M: So you're still a baby?
Q: No, I not. I not a big girl. I not a baby. I just Fwinn (Quinn)!

When she's playing pretend and in character, if you call her by her actual name, she quickly corrects you...
Q: You mean, (insert character name here)!

**sees a bunny running through the neighbor's yard...
Q: Come here, Easter bunny! Come talk to Fwinn!

**puts her sock on all by herself...
Q: Woohoo! I did it all by myself! I put my sock on for the first time!

**pulls sun hat over her face and exclaims...
Q: Someone turned the lights out!

**Wells is babbling to her...
Q: Wells is talking to me. Dad, do you know what he's talking about??

**while riding her tricycle...
Q: It's nice having a bike!

M: What kind of snacks do you want for your birthday party?
Q: Kittywampus (aka cattywampus)

**driving along...
Q: I see the mountains! They're everywhere! See?!

**looking at the moon...
Q: Goodnight, moon!
Q: Why's he not talking back?