The Hills In OBX

December 15, 2020

A short family trip to OBX for family time and ocean breezes.

We spent four days in the Outer Banks mid-November to celebrate Christmas early with Pete's family. It's a yearly tradition, that you've heard me refer to as the Christmas Cabin. The last two years we have been at the beach, and it's been really nice to get a taste of the ocean during the fall. While we can't throw our bathing suits on and soak up some sunshine and salty air, it's still so nice to be be beach-side when the the crowds are gone and everything feels cozier. 

So this post is just a whole bunch of my babies on the beach on two different days. The lighting was so beautiful, and it felt nice to have my camera in hand to document the sweetness. I'll never get over their little faces and the joy they exude. This type of post, full of photos and little moments is one of my favorites to share in this space. I hope you enjoy!

This was Wells' first time at the beach. I think he was so surprised by the breeze down by the ocean, and all he wanted to do was catch it with his tongue. He was delighted at the new surroundings and the lull of the waves rolling in and out. It makes me excited for his first beach trip during the summer months. 

As for my middle, while this wasn't her first trip, she doesn't remember her first trip, which lasted a grand total of one and half days thanks to a hurricane and mandatory evacuation. So this was a treat for her too. Quinn would have gladly jumped headfirst into the ocean had we let her. She couldn't keep herself out of the little puddles the tide had left behind. And she ended up filling her rain boots to the brim with salty water, which of course she didn't mind a single bit. Apparently, soaking and heavy boots is far more fun!

And my Greer bear. She loved being chased by the incoming waves. Could she outrun them?! Of course she could, unless she wasn't paying attention, which happened on a couple of ocassions. Otherwise, she was happy to just dip her toes in the water and squeal at the grandness of the ocean and the freedom of an empty beach. 

Later in the week, it grew colder, but it didn't stop us from a final trip out to the ocean for the same shenanigans and thrill. I really can't wait to take them back in the coming year and enjoy the beauty of the beach in sweet summertime. 

Pete and I very rarely have a photo taken of just the two of us. So with all the extra eyes of aunts and uncles on our babies, we made sure to have a picture snapped of just us. And I'm so glad we did. He's my favorite human on the planet :)

We also made sure to get a family photo, where Pete and I were the only ones smiling. You win some, you lose some, but at least I have this moment of time captured and saved for safe keeping.