A Christmas Home 2020

December 24, 2020

 A tour of our home spruced, decked, and ready for Christmas! 

Merry Christmas Eve! I can't believe there is only a single sleep left until Christmas! We are enjoying family time over puzzles, good food, fancy drinks, and Christmas treats while in our comfy clothes. It's as wonderful as it sounds, I promise. And I hope you are experiencing the same kind of joy in your home.

I think this day might be my favorite day of the year. The thrill of hope and the bubbling-over anticipation in the air. Everything is cozy and festive. You're in the very middle of the fun, and it doesn't end at bedtime. In fact the fun continues into the next day. I just think it's pure magic if there ever was such a thing. 

So as not to keep you from you own Christmas Eve traditions, welcome into our holiday home. I always have fun decking the halls, and this year was no exception. I love to get decorations in every little spot, from the family room to the kitchen and the bedrooms. Even our office/playroom, which is in the middle of a DIY project, was loved over with Christmas cheer!

And before signing off until the new year, thank you all so much for being here. For reading and supporting my creative work. I love this blog and each of you. Merry Christmas and cheers to the new year! 

This year, my foyer was my favorite decorated spot. Something about the warmness of the olive greens, oranges, and the pop of pink. It was festive awhile also being very spot-on for my aesthetic preferences. I love when I find the balance between those two.