A Shared Sister Bedroom || Inspiration Board

January 30, 2020

As soon as we discovered we would be welcoming a third Hill babe in the spring, I immediately started dreaming up a shared sister bedroom for the girls. Truth is, I've been so excited to put them in a bedroom together, imagining this with great anticipation since we found out Quinn was a girl (circa January 2018)! And here we are, with a more definitive timeline and the need to begin merging them into one room.

I really believe in creating children's spaces that won't be outgrown, making this project an absolute delight. Keeping that in the forefront of my mind, I kept coming back to the same design scheme, feminine with neutral and simplistic elements. So I narrowed down my focus to one specific color, black, and forged ahead with finding budget-friendly items to bring their room to life.

It all started with their beds. Picking one piece of furniture to draw inspiration from and anchor the room is how I start every project, and the details tend to fall together from there. As it was, Greer's room with a full-sized bed would not accommodate a second bed of the same size. So we sold Greer's bed to make room for two twin beds. I loved these Jenny Lind beds (the spindle details make my heart swoon), but the cost was way outside of our desired price point. So I began scouring Facebook Marketplace. Unfortunately, every Jenny Lind bed I found only came in a full and was sold individually. I needed two of the exact same beds in twins, so the hunt continued for several weeks. Then I  happened across a set of old, solid wood twin beds at an amazing price point. With plenty of detail in the shape + feminine feels, I could visualize exactly how to transform them to achieve the look I was imagining. Pete picked them up that afternoon, and after the holidays we got to work on making them over. You can see the whole process HERE.

Next on my list was to find a small dresser to act as additional storage and a nightstand between their beds. Remember the spindle detail I love so much?? Even though I gave up that detail in their beds, I held on to incorporating it elsewhere, like in a dresser! Keeping my budget in mind, I found the perfect option. And if I opted for a "open box" dresser - basically it was shipped to an individual; opened; sent back; and a quality check was performed to make sure it was in good condition - I could save quite a chunk of money. Luckily, the dresser I had my eye on had the "open box" option, and that's exactly what I went with!

Once we arranged the beds and dresser in the room, I started looking for the girls' bedding. For the most part, I wanted white - sheets and a blanket - but I wanted to pull in a pretty shade of mauve for the top bed linen. I specifically wanted a quilt for a couple of reasons, namely for how it would cover the girls while sleeping and not be bulky, and also for some added texture to the space. I found a beautiful option that I absolutely adore; it checks all of the boxes! Combined with pieces we are reutilizing (the shag rug, a lamp from Quinn's nursery, the floating shelves, white blackout curtains, and standing mirror), their sister room is really starting to take the sweetest shape.

To date, this is where our progress has reached. We are very much working on this in pieces, which is why we paused to finish up other projects (like our wall!). Having the general idea for their room established, will allow some flexibility in what comes to fruition when we wrap up the final touches. And I do like a little design wiggle room to make sure I'm creating what I'm envisioning.

Slated next for their room is changing out the wallpaper (I know, I'm crazy!), for a pattern that compliments the black furniture, making it pop. Then there are the little touches to add that extra charm and character - like an accent lumbar pillow for each bed, some art or photography, etc. For now, here's my inspiration jumping off point, and I hope it gives you a little of your own inspiration for tackling a design project!