Greer-isms || Vol. 6

December 20, 2019

Tomorrow my oldest little gal turns four. It doesn't seem possible that we've had four sweet years together already. And trying to wrap my head around the ever-quickening passage of time is pointless. I know it's just going to continue to speed up. My Greer girl made me a mama, and you better believe she's doing her best at helping me hone my role as a mother. She's vivacious, terribly creative, witty and smart, beautiful inside and out, and has the most infectious laugh. 

This last year as been full of so many changes - adjusting to being a big sister and prepping to do so again; starting preschool; a budding vocabulary and understanding of the world around her; and more Greer quirks to top it off. We adore her and are quite smitten with our first little love. 

The last Greer-isms of her 3's...

G: My toes haven't been painted in 'foreber.'
**short pause.....
So do you want to paint them?

M: What do you think of mama's jumper?
G: Can you jump in it??

**while praying...
G: Dear God, I love you. You're cute. In Jesus' name, amen.

**sitting at the dinner table eating dinner...
G: Mom, you make the best dinner! It's not yucky, stinky, or gross!

At VBS this summer Greer crafted a safari hat, she calls it a....
G: Sa-party hat!

Officially potty-trained this spring, and proud of her accomplishment...
G: Do you see all that poop? I made it all by myself!!

M: Doesn't that look so slick?!
G: Yeah! It's SO slippery!

**discussing Greer's choice of nail polish...
M: Ooh, hot pink huh?
**in a concerned voice...
G: Oh no, will it burn my fingers?

M: I like your hot pink nails!
G:Yeah, they don't burn!!!

M: Greer, you're so cute! I could eat you up!
G: No! Only if you were a monster! **giggles and walks away**

G: Ready or not, here I run!

M: Do you know how much I love you?!
G: I love you way more!
**mama melts into a giant puddle

**takes a bite of candy corn...
G: Mmm, a pleasant taste!

M: Next Sunday we're to eat brunch then see Santa! What are you going to ask him for?
**Santa makes her a little nervous
G: I'll tell you what I want, and then you can tell him what I want!

**what she calls McDonald's...
G: Let's get a happy meal from Big Ol' Donald's!

**when she makes a mistake/oopsie or something's a little funny...
G: Oh bats!

**while tip-toeing around like the Sugar Plum Fairy...
G: My feet are getting dizzy!

**while carrying her to bed...
G: Will you carry me 'foreber'?