Mama + Mini Stocking Stuffers

November 20, 2019

I think stocking stuffers might be one of my favorites to assemble! But it can also prove a bit difficult to find just the right things to include. Because I love a good theme, I really do love the challenge of coming up with + finding those perfect little treasures. 

So I thought it would be fun to make a mother/daughter themed list to inspire mamas for their little girls while also giving husbands some ideas for their wives. It's a win, win! I made sure to pick items that were practical and also whimsical. I think a mix of both is perfection. 

My one tip for stocking stuffers, no matter who it's for....pick items that aren't seasonal. As in, don't include Christmas-themed items that you're gifting on Christmas day. Instead pick things that can be used/worn after the holidays are over too! I hope you found some inspiration from this little guide! 

one // I love a cute + cozy beanie, and it's even better if you can coordinate with your little lady. Greer and I have been rocking these two beanies (this one for methis one for her) and we love the styles and fits.

two // There's nothing more precious and girly than a velvet bow. Grab a different color for each of you so that you can share them and have a variety of colors!

three // You can always use a pair of sunglasses, and you'll never go wrong with a classic tortoise print! Go a little lighter for mom, and add some charm for little.

four // what mother + daughter duo doesn't love a vault of mini lip glosses?! The best part, these are completely safe for adult and child lips! And with 5 different shades and scents in this vault, you'll have a lip gloss for every outfit!

five // Nail polish is a huge hit in our house. It only makes sense to put a new shade in the girls' Christmas stockings! "Stop, Drop, and Shop" and "Clothing Optional" are two pretty colors for this time of year!

six // Last, but not least are comfy, color-coordinated socks! I love that they don't outright match, but they definitely have the same feel. Stars and stripes for your little and thick stripes for you.

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