To The Pumpkin Patch We Go

October 21, 2019

I truly love the pumpkin patch, especially Joe's Trees. There's something about a chilly fall day, being tucked away in the mountains, and the magic of the season wafting around. I say it every year, but each year this season gets better and better as our children become more aware and make it their own. Greer was thrilled for every single part...the pumpkins, corn maze, slide, and hay ride. Quinn loved the open space to roam and explore as she pleased. Both of my girls exuded the joy this time of year brings, and I delight in watching them take it all in.

On this particular Saturday afternoon, skies were overcast and the air was crisp and cool (my kind of perfect). The sun peeped through just once (you can tell which two photos were snapped during that brief window), but otherwise we enjoyed incredible weather for a wonderful fall tradition.  Greer insisted on collecting every small pumpkin because "she needed them to decorate." Clearly her mama's love for pumpkins and fall decorating is rubbing off on her! Every time she filled the wheelbarrow with her latest must-have pumpkin, I had to go back behind her to pluck it right back out. Thankfully, we managed to only walk away with three small pumpkins and a Long Island Cheese pumpkin (great for making foods with!) for mama's front porch collection.