The Great Jack-O-Lantern

October 31, 2019

Is it even Halloween if you didn't carve a jack-o-lantern?? I don't think it would be! And this year, we made sure not to wait until the night before ;) So we made Sunday afternoon a little extra festive with a Halloween dessert charcuterie board + pumpkin carving. The windows were open with a crisp breeze wafting through, which called for a fire to be built, and some cozy jammies to be worn. It was low-key, and we had the best time.

Our oldest was 100% against touching the pumpkin guts, so this mama dug most of them out, while the littlest sister happily played with the seeds placed in her bowl. While Quinn happily played in the mess, Greer was happy to snack on all the goodies from our dessert board. Though very opposite reactions, goodness were they both adorable.

Pete gave me a break on scooping out the pumpkin insides, finishing it up before I drew the face. Back to him, he carved our pumpkin perfectly, and we ended up the best jack-o-lantern we've carved to date. Just before bedtime, with the dark almost settled in for the night, we bundled the girls up and took them outside to see their jack-o-lantern aglow. It was all pure magic.