An October Sunday Afternoon

October 8, 2019

This kind of post is one of my favorites to share! I love snapping photos at home for no good reason other than to document a little snippet of life. These photos were captured during the window of Quinn's afternoon nap, after a morning at church and the lunchtime scramble. For us, it's the time of day when we slow down and coast. Anyone else?

Like a dream, the skies were overcast, the temperatures low, and everything radiated fall, which meant we were outdoor-bound as soon as lunch was over and baby girl was down. In the mountains of Virginia, we've been eagerly waiting for the arrival of autumn's crisp and cool days. It's taken much longer than normal, making us extra thankful for this past weekend. We're all hopeful this weather is here to stay; because we're in love.

Once outside, Pete kindly obliged my request to put our foddershock up on our light post. Sidenote: after polling y'all on Instagram, it seems I'm in a very small percentage of people who use the word "fodderschock." If you don't know what it means, Google it and you'll know right away what I'm talking about. While we were securing it in place, Greer did her favorite thing ever....collecting all the fall leaves. And did she ever. She collected anywhere between 50-100 of the brightest crimson leaves, and delighted in every single one.

After the foddershock went up, we retreated to the backyard. Pete and Greer took a look at the remnants of the summer garden and discovered pods full of seeds to harvest and save for planting next spring. While they worked together to collect okra and basil seeds, I lounged and read my fall magazines, intermittently enjoying the colors of fall bursting around us. It's afternoons like these that fill me up and make me the happiest. I'm truly looking forward to savoring this season and moments just like these.