Quinn's Watermelon Birthday Party

July 1, 2019

Over the weekend family gathered at our house to celebrate our newly one-year-old. We had the best time hanging out in the sun, splashing in the water, and eating our fair share of watermelon and cake.  We truly couldn't have asked for a better day, nicer weather, or a more joyful celebration. I still can't believe my baby is 12 months 

This is the first summer birthday in our family of fall + winter birthdays, making it so much fun to plan and put together with a whole new season in mind. Loving a good theme, I opted to go with watermelons, the epitome of sweet summertime. That and I ran with 'watermelONE' as a simple way to accentuate it being her first birthday. Terribly corny, but I couldn't help my self :) We kept the whole affair super casual...Pete smoked a pork butt for our bbq bar, we set up a slip n' slide for the kiddies, and let a balloon garland be the centerpiece for the festivities. Watermelon on a stick was a hit and we barely snuck in the smash cake before the birthday girl went down for a much-needed nap. I loved everything about this little party for our little lady. She may not remember it, but mama always will.

The watermelon garland was from my friend Heather at WoolySheepDots. I love her felt ball garlands, and she made this one custom for my girl's birthday party.

Another favorite lady is Kenzie from Alice & Josie; she made the adorable watermelon clip both of my girls wore for the party and will continue to sport throughout the summer months. 

If you know the Hills, you know how deep the love for wineberries runs. Pete's dad picked two jugs full to share with us during the party. Greer ate her body weight in them, and for fear of a bellyache, I eventually had to cut her off. It made her daddy proud!

Pete's smoke pork is always delicious, and it didn't disappoint on Saturday! We tried some new toppings...pickled onions + candied jalapeños, and I'm obsessed. So obsessed, that I'll be sharing the recipes from the party over the coming weeks. Just wait until you try the watermelon salsa recipe! 

Quinn was so tuckered out by lunchtime, that we paused the eating to sing her 'Happy Birthday' and let her get her little hands on her cake. She was SO stinkin' cute about the entire thing. I could eat her up. Seriously, I could. How do I keep her this little for always?