On A Hike We Will Go

May 28, 2019

Sometimes beautiful, wonderful, and majestic things are right in your backyard. And all too often, I find that we don't make the time to enjoy them. You too? So with an extra long holiday weekend awaiting us + perfect weather conditions, we knew exactly how to kick off our Memorial Day weekend time together. We started Thursday morning off on the road to my home county for a four-mile round hike to The Cascades. 

With tree coverage and next to no one on the trail, it turned out to be such good timing for our excursion. Greer happily hiked the entire way up to the falls and about a half a mile back down. We were super impressed with her endurance and zeal for the outdoors. Quinn hung out in the hiking backpack for 1.7 miles up before I had to transfer her to the carrier so she could fall asleep in comfort. She ended up staying awake to see the waterfall, but was quickly asleep from the sound of the rushing water and slept for half of the hike back down. The girls did so well, and our oldest is ready to hit the next hiking trail. As for this pack mule, my hips need a little rest before another outdoor climb, but I think by the end of summer we'll have another hike or two under our belt.