Easter Weekend 2019

April 22, 2019

I hope your Easter weekend was full of celebrations and all the eggs. Ours sure was, and it was nice to have a three-day-weekend to spend together. Though the weather was quite chilly for late April, we made the best to make sure we got to participate in an Easter egg hunt and for a visit to the Easter bunny. This year, Greer was not having a photo; so we did the best we could (see it below), and it turned out pretty cute. Meanwhile, Quinn was bundled up like a marshmallow and not too happy about the cold breezes. 

But, we got those bunny pictures, then headed inside the Mountain Lake Resort to warm up with hot cocoa. We settled back at home with egg-dying and filling the Easter baskets with blush pink grass to await the little gifts that would be left for morning. 

Sunday morning came bright and early, as our days typically do. The sweetness of  the morning echoed in our three-year-old's understanding of the significance for why we celebrate, "Jesus lives so we can live." I love the simplicity and pureness behind the way she sees it. After a morning at church, in our Easter best, we spent the afternoon munching goodies from a spring charcuterie board + sipping champagne; playing outdoors in the warm sunshine; and eating blueberry-braised brisket and a raspberry trifle. The day was simple and exactly what I wished for. Not only am I thankful for the meaning of Easter, but for family to enjoy it with. Now for a whole lot of photos that hopefully make you smile like they make me smile!