Over The Weekend

February 18, 2019

This weekend was simple and easy. We really did a whole lot of nothing so that we could soak up uninterrupted time together and allow me to continue to heal from surgery. The light was dreamy, and I'll never tire of the way it flows through our windows. It's fresh and airy, making even these winter days a little lovelier. Though, I did find myself dreaming of the day when I can throw the windows open to let in fresh spring breezes. Soon enough, I'm sure!
Saturday turned out to be a unicorn of a day, with both girls napping at the same time and mama getting a nap too (dad enjoyed lounging while his girls snoozed). It was heavenly and needed. Quinny woke from her afternoon snooze first, giving us a little one-on-one time before her big sister awoke. It's hard to sneak in time with just her, so we really loved having a stolen moment to give her all the attention. But, we were quickly reminded how sweet it is watching our girls be sisters when big sister woke, especially now that Quinn is interacting with Greer in a playful way. Goodness, this weekend was good, and I hope you enjoy this little look into it! Happy Monday, friends!