Happy 3rd Birthday, Greer Girl!

December 21, 2018

**written last night on Greer's birthday eve

It's been a tradition to rock my little lady to sleep on the night before her birthday, and this year was no different. After brushing teeth, pulling down the sheets, and slipping into pajamas, my sweet girl climbed into my lap and laid herself down in my arms. I cradled her like my tiny baby, tucking her long legs into me and snuggling a blanket around her. Almost like she knew I was feeling a little extra emotional, she reached up in the darkness and touched my face, lifting hers up to meet mine and placed the sweetest sugars across my cheeks, nose, and lips. Then she quietly said, "Thank you." I asked her why, and she responded, "For the sugars."
Just like I did on the day she was born, I leaned over and rubbed my cheek against hers taking in the softness. Then I brushed her hair away from her face, and told her to close her eyes and dream of all the fun we would be having on her birthday. She peeped back, "...and rainbows." My girl wanted to also dream of rainbows, which unexpectedly struck a cord in my heart, the symbolism not lost on me. Greer is my rainbow baby, and I appreciate that sweet reminder of the Lord's faithfulness to us through her life. 

As I hummed the song I've been humming since she was an infant, Greer drifted off to sleep. I silently prayed for her now, for her future, and the gift that she is. And while I rocked back and forth I had a good long cry. Because the years are so fleeting, and there's no slowing them down. Because I love my daughter so much that it hurts. And while I want to bottle it up forever, there's really no way to keep her this little. It makes me sad, happy, excited, and anxious to watch her grow and blossom into the person the Lord has made her. I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness for her life and the gift and privilege it is to be her mom. 

These three years have been packed full of milestones, firsts, memories, adventures, giggles, tears, stuffed animals, bandaids, bows, and all the sugars. On the eve of her birthday, I can vividly remember sitting in bed with husband the night before she was born. I was huge and uncomfortable, yet savoring the last hours of feeling her dance in my belly. I was so very excited and scared of what awaited us the next morning. I knew life was going to change the moment I first saw her, but I had no idea just how wildly it would. How much my heart would grow, my arms could hold, and my mothering instincts would take control. Motherhood has been a wonderfully wild ride, and I can only imagine what's in store. Happiest of birthdays to my Greer girl!

**while tucking her into bed tonight, as I was standing back up from placing once more sugar on her oh-so-soft cheeks, my Greer looked up and said, "Thanks for the best evening!" My mama heart was done for.