Our Jack-O-Laughtern

October 31, 2018

All the candy in the world wouldn't tempt Greer to touch the pumpkin guts. But, let her help carve the pumpkin? Yes, she's happy to get into an-all-out-body-bobbing carving mode. Last night, after little sister was asleep and dinner had been had, we huddled around a piece of brown paper to carve our pumpkin. Our best intentions were to carve on Sunday night, but somehow time kept slipping away. So we let our little pumpkin stay up just a bit late to finally get to carving. And I'm glad we did. These little holiday traditions are all the sweeter sharing it with her. 

What kind of face should we carve into the pumpkin? These were the two suggestions :)

She warmed up to the pumpkin guts, but only enough to smooth them out with the scooper. Anything beyond that was still a hard NO. Maybe next year she'll be digging the guts out herself....

And a very Happy Halloween to each of you! I hope your day is perfectly spooky!