Greer-isms || Vol. 4

October 17, 2018

In the months since Greer turned two, she has grown a vocabulary that is vividly wild. She's able to carry on a fluid conversation with me and husband . She's incredibly smart and just as hilarious. Not to mention, she's gained enough sass to last her well into her teens years. I've said it a million times before, and it still stands true, not a day passes that we aren't amazed or in a fit of giggles at something she has rationalized, figured out, or come up with. Greer has an abundance of spunk, a whole lot of logic, and plenty of sweetness. Since the last volume of Greer-isms, I've been keeping a running list on my phone of all the things she has to say, and y'all, I can't even!

Talking about the car cart at Home Depot...
G: I drove fast!
M: Oh, yeah?
G: Yeah! Because I'm young, and tall, and big! 

M: You're daddy's mini me!
G: I'm a small you!

M: Whatcha doin'?
(As she's looking down into the catch-all of her bib after eating juicy watermelon) 
G: I'm watching them (the seeds) swim.

M: How old are you?
G: Half and a two! 

Rubbing my pregnant belly over the spring...
M: Is it time for her to come?
G: Yeah! She'll really, really like us!
G: I love her so a lot!

When it comes to her doing anything that isn't toddler-approved....
G: I can do it! I'm a big woman!

Just as I was heading out for a girls' night...
M: I'm heading out to spend some time with my friends. Listen to daddy and have a goodnight, I love you!
G: You're going to talk about kids, school, and Quinn. Wub you! 
M: Yep, pretty much. 

A common phrase she likes to say these days....
G: What in the world??!

Singing "My Girl" out loud...
G: What can make me feel this way? My girl. My girl. Talkin' about..... yo mama. Mama! 

Laying her head on my pregnant belly....
G: She be my best, best ever friend!

Greer's version of "don't forget this."
"Don't get for this!" 

M: Greer, should we get a dog?
G: Yes!
M: What should we name it?
G: Pongo! (We'd been reading 101 Dalmations)
M: What about Maple?
G: No. about Mango (see what she did there??!)

Lately, she loves when we hold hands with our fingers interlaced. She came up to me and asked me this...
G: Can you wrap my hand up in a present?

G: **in a sad voice** I don't want to make my house clean.
M: Why not?
G: Because I want to play.
M: You can still play, I'm just tidying up.
G: No, I want to make it dirty! **cracks a devilish grin**

While watching me stir the sugar into the sweet tea...
G: Is it making you dizzy too?

M: Are you going to give me sugars?
G: No! **with a smirk**
M: Why not?
G: 'Cause I'm difficult!

Sitting together, eating lunch...
M: Do you want to try a carrot?
G: No, I don't like carrots. I like Goldfish and pretzels.....and red leaves! I love red leaves, but you can't eat leaves!

M: Are you excited for Halloween?
G: Yeah! But, I'm tired of it not coming!

You know you want more Greer-isms!