Five Little Pumpkins

October 8, 2018

Goodness gracious, I can't get enough of these girls and all the pumpkins! Their excitement for the season is so tangible, making it all the more fun. Greer has been talking about the pumpkin patch for weeks now, and while the weather was less than ideal for fall (holy hotness), we made our first visit of the season on Saturday. 

We (our four + my BIL, SIL, & our three nephews) began our caravan through the mountains after all the afternoon naps had been had, and found ourselves at the patch just in time for a rain shower. We waited it out, and then enjoyed a practically empty patch to ourselves. We've been doing this little tradition together since 2013, and with just two littles then, we've know upped our count to five littles. It's crazy to watch our brood grow in these short years, and it brings me SO much delight. But y'all, now being outnumbered and managing five children in a wet pumpkin patch is a whole different ball game. A lot of fun and a lot of chaos. I wouldn't change a single thing. 

If you've been reading this blog long enough, you know Joe's Trees has a special place in my heart. Growing up, it's where we went every year to cut down a Christmas tree, then they opened a pumpkin patch and we began a new tradition as newlyweds. No matter how many times I've been, I always loving going. And I love passing it down to each of our children. This time, we shared it with our Quinn. It's nostalgic to watch my babies enjoy a place that I enjoyed as a child. I love that we get to make some of our family memories here too. 

At almost 3-years-old, this girl is very much into our seasonal traditions. She gets it this year, and I'm loving it. If you could have heard her squeals and excitement. I'd love to bottle that innocent joy right up. 

The face of a girl who has been running free, the humidity making her piggie tails curl, the wet grass stuck to her shoes and her legs. And her little sister, completely unaware of what's going on, but loving the openness and hum of the outdoors. 

LOOK AT THESE BABIES! Can't get enough! The first year we came as a family, the oldest boys were just 20 months old, and now they're 6.5 years old.

We have plans to head back to the patch one more time this month before the season is over. Because who can resist the feeling a fall pumpkin patch evokes? 

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