Something To Swoon About Vol. 5

September 7, 2018

Happy Friday!! I just caught the weather forecast for the mountains of Virginia, and the high tomorrow is 77°. I couldn't be more excited for this unexpected surprise. Even better, the high for Sunday is 67°. FALL. IS. ON. ITS. WAY. 

The downside to this weekend forecast is the chance of rain and thunderstorms. We have plans to go boating tomorrow evening, and I'm praying that all holds off. Greer has been talking about last year's boating adventure since last year, and we are thrilled to get her back on the lake again; the weather just needs to cooperate. I can't wait to see her sweet little face light up. And I think I'm going to attempt to make another video to capture it all. 

What have we been up to lately?
  • On another fall note, I had my first pumpkin scone of the season this morning, and it was delightful. 
  • College and professional football have been playing on our t.v. We celebrated a Hokie win on Monday to kick off the season, and let Greer stay up for the first half. She told us it was boring, but still cheered her heart out (because it's her thing with her daddy). Then she snuggled with me until halftime, where she promptly fell asleep after tucking her into bed. These are the moments I dreamed about when I imagined what motherhood might look like. 
  • Currently, I'm enjoying iced coffee while my big is pretending to bake cookies and my little is snoozing in her seat next to me. 
  • The house smells like autumn.
  • My nails are covered in paint from painting shiplap in our kitchen last night. It's now completely primed. Next up are two coats of paint. 

What are some of our new favorites?
  • This henley has my name all over it. I've been looking for something like it without luck, and this one is perfection, especially for nursing! 
  • These loafers have been my favorite slip-ons for years. So I grabbed the faux leather version for this fall. 
  • I think Greer would super adorable sporting this poncho for fall days. 

What do I have planned?
  • Finishing up the grocery list for next week. I need some good and simple dinner ideas. 
  • I want to look into Weight Watchers to help lose the last 10 lbs of baby weight and get to a healthier/feels-better-to-me weight from there. All tips related to eating based on Weight Watchers points are welcome for this!
  • Filling in our fall calendar. September weekends are totally booked, now on to October!
  • Making our fall bucket list. 

Happy weekending, my friends!!

p.s. Don't forget to try out my Pumpkin Loaf this weekend! And pair it with one of the many Starbucks drinks from this list!

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