A Gaggle Of Girls In The Orchard

September 25, 2018

Clearly, we are quite the fans of orchards. Make that pumpkin patches and Christmas tree farms too. Anything this time of year, from September straight through December, absolutely brings me alive. And that joy has been contagious for my Greer girl. Her love for all things fall and holiday-related has bloomed so much, and she's soaking in all of these cozy + happy feels. Greer is definitely living her best life. This mama couldn't be more proud. So when one of my friends suggested a girls' trip to a local orchard, I couldn't resist. Not even a morning full of spit-up (one right after the other) could deter me from joining friends and their littles for a crisp and foggy morning of apple picking. 

If there's one thing I've been learning as a mama, it's the need for other mamas in your life. Basically, your tribe. They're the girlfriends you reach out to, take dinners after a baby is born, squeeze in girls' nights when you can, lift you up when you're doubting/down/or need it, and are the encouragement that even though this mama business can be hard, you're doing alright. 

See that sweet baby soundly sleeping amongst those beautiful red apples? It's lovely, isn't it? This was after more spit-up (all over her and me), loud cries, and a whole lot of wonky swaying on my part. All while my toddler was having her own dramatic moments (like a bucket of spilled apples and the crocodile tears over I'm-not-even-sure-what). This played out in front of two friends, two more babies, and another toddler. And in the midst of it, they rallied behind me, helping to clean up those apples and offering to take my baby to give me a break. That's what your tribe is for, helping you feel sane in the middle of insanity and not judging you for the way you handle it. Thank goodness for girlfriends, especially those with the idea to go apple picking!

Can you even?! I can't. They are too precious for words. Somehow these two were just babies, and now they're big enough to pick apples all by themselves. People, where. does. the. time. go?

If you haven't gotten to an apple orchard yet, be sure to scurry there before picking season is over. It's a tradition worth starting, I promise! 

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