Fall Capsule Wardrobe || Toddler Style

August 22, 2018

Y'all, if there's one thing I love about fall (excluding pumpkins!) it's the cozy wardrobe. Not only do I love picking out a new sweater or two for myself, I also love dressing my oldest in autumn-inspired pieces. There's something super adorable about fall clothing on a toddler, and I can't get enough. Since my girl grows like a weed, outgrowing all of last year's fall wardrobe, it meant replacing it this year. And that prompted me to put together a capsule wardrobe to carry her from August through the winter months to get longer wear out of the money spent on her needed clothing articles.

In creating the fall capsule wardrobe, my goal was to stay neutral with all of her clothing options to create a whole bunch of outfits using timeless staples. To add fun pops of colors, I'll accessorize with bows, tights, and socks. So that's exactly what I did as I picked out a handful of pieces for mixing and matching all season long, giving her a plethora of outfits put together from classic pieces. Keep scrolling to see what Greer will be sporting this fall + winter! 

C R E A T I N G    A    C A P S U L E    W A R D R O B E
  • Stay neutral with the clothing selection.
  • Get a variety of pieces (dresses, pants, shirts, cardigans) for mixing and matching.
  • Pick clothing that can be layered; this gives versatility with the weather as it stays warm in early fall & then cools. 
  • Opt for equal parts patterns and solids.
  • Think timeless + classic staples. These will span the seasons flawlessly.
  • Look for deals to get the the best amount for your budget. 
  • Shop from multiple stores.
  • Accessorize with color!

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