Neutral Retreat || Master Bedroom Reveal

May 25, 2018

I'm so excited to be revealing our master bedroom today! This room took a design backseat when we moved into our home over a year and half ago. It fell to the bottom of the makeover priority list as we worked our way through the living areas of the house and our daughter's room. Now that the master is finally complete, I kind of wish we had gotten to it sooner. Because who doesn't want a master bedroom that feels like a space to retreat and relax?

When it came to transforming the space, it was important to keep in mind the size. Our room is on the small side, which made it important to make it feel bigger with aesthetic touches. So we lightened up the paint color and added a grid board and batten feature wall for a custom feel.  The paint alone made a huge difference, and made the room feel like a completely different space. Not only did it seem bigger, but also lighter and airier. You should never underestimate the transformative power of a fresh coat of paint! To add to the illusion of a bigger room, we also made sure to hang our curtains closer to the ceiling, using 96" curtains instead of a more standard size. Combining all of those design elements gave our room the makeover and feel we were aiming for. 

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All of the furniture in the space, we've had since at least the beginning of 2015. And I'm thankful that when we were making the purchases, we kept with off-white neutrals. Our two nightstands bring in some contrast, and are our "oldest" pieces, dating back to our college days (my old nightstand is now  husband's) and his old dresser was one of our first DIY projects that we transformed into my nightstand. Eventually, these two pieces will be swapped out for a matching pair, but they work great for us now. 

Another big change in the room was turning our bathroom door into a sliding door to open the space up more. Instead of there being a visual barrier in the room when the door was open, there is now a seamless open feel to the room whether the door is open or closed. By using the existing door and adding some decorative accents to the front of the door with quarter inch underlayment (a type of plywood) + new hardware, we were able to make this project happen with little money, while making a big impact. The new door not only serves its purpose as a door, but is an aesthetically pleasing feature that adds some charm. 

In keeping our master bedroom neutral, the bedding is where I opted to add some color. And by adding color, I mean I still kept it very basic but brought in some blue and blush with some of the accent pillows. I am a firm believer in keeping the big items (furniture, bedding, curtains, paint) in neutral palettes, while brining in the color and patterns in the accent pieces. This way when you tire of that style, it's much simpler to swap out the old for something new without spending a ton of money to do so. 

To add some more color, I will eventually add more tabletop frames to our long dresser with colored prints instead of the black and white prints I opted for hanging on the walls. Keeping it subtle with color is more my design least for now :) 

One of my favorite parts of our room is the grid board and batten wall. It gives the space so much more depth, which changes the entire feel in the room. I was able to bring in a pattern and extra dimension in opting for this wall, and I couldn't be more smitten with how it turned out. Eventually, I'd love to find a fun chair to replace the ottoman we currently have nestled on this wall for a little pop of color and some added texture.

Let's talk about this watercolor painting for a just a second. The talented Jen at Mack & Ro Shop painted this for me, and it's a timeless piece that I will treasure forever. I can't believe we're about to add another little girl to the mix!

When we changed up our bathroom door, we lost the mirror that was originally on the back of it. In its place, we found this standing mirror, and I'm in love with the extra detail it lends to the room. Though, I do think Greer may love this mirror even more than I do! 

Another of my very favorite parts of this room is the black and white gallery wall above the tall dresser. It adds the perfect personal touch as a way to display some of our most loved candid photos. I mentioned that I kept all of the hanging photos in black and white, which I opted for because of the timeless and classic feel it brings to the room in such an effortless way. You really can't go wrong with b&w, especially when you get them printed by Mpix, who so graciously printed all of them in our room. 

To see how I made this gallery wall come to life, be sure to read my how-to post!

And last, but certainly not least (and the most comfortable), is the rug that ties our entire bedroom together. It was so important to husband and I that our bedroom be cozy. With hardwood floors running throughout our house, it's hard to achieve that cozy feeling, but with the right area rug, you can attain it. This rug by Erin Gates by Momeni is as soft and lush as it looks, and made our master bedroom complete. Momeni Rugs boasts an amazing assortment of rugs for any room and any design, which I love about their company. From the neutral color to the hand-woven texture, this area rug not only changed the feel of the room, but brought about the warmth we wanted in our space. 

I hope you enjoyed this room tour as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you! Husband and I love being in our space now. It feels like us and has created a spot where we are excited to get away to at the end of the day. To see more room tours, head this way! And to see this space before its makeover, head here!

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Revere Pewter (on three walls)
Snowbound by Sherwin Williams (on grid board and batten wall + trim)

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