Junebug Bumpdate || Week 37

May 31, 2018

We have officially hit full-term, and it is unreal that we're already here!! Little lady's birth month begins tomorrow, and that means there are 18 days between now and her due date. I'm feeling like I could burst at this point, and my belly is as big as ever. I'm fairly certain it's at maximum capacity in there, so I'm really holding out/praying/hoping/doing a crazy dance that our girl will show up early. I am very much ready to meet her and get her in my arms. Husband feels the same way, and we're both looking forward to settling into a family of four over the summer months. Junebug, let's get this party started already, you are welcome to come out now!  Pregnancy is such an intricate design, 

  • It's no secret that this go-round growing a baby has been very taxing and hard on me. As sweet as the kicks can be and the unconscious way I rub my belly without thinking about it, there have been a fair share of complaints too. All I really want to do is paint my toenails, y'all!
  • I've tipped into 30 pounds gained at this point, and I feel every extra pound. I'm really looking forward to getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight and working on achieving an even more desirable/comfortable weight from there. 
  • I mentioned that sciatic nerve pain has been a symptom this time. After having a prenatal massage where the therapist could directly work on the muscles in that area, I haven't had near as much trouble with it, though it will pop up every now and then. 
  • Acid reflux has me eating TUMS like a crazy person. If I bend over, bam there it is. If I lay down, bam there it is. If I eat, bam there it is. Basically, it's almost always there. 
  • My feet, hands, and face are now swollen constantly. I was reading that the swelling is a way that the body deals with and supports the extra weight gained during pregnancy, which I thought was a really cool thing God did to help our bodies out. Though, I am very much looking forward to that swelling disappearing a little after birth! 
  • At this point I'm not shocked that my appetite still hasn't returned. And just like 5 weeks ago, I'm a shaved-ice-eating-machine. Between that and fresh fruit (watermelon has been oh so good!), it's all I really want. But I did have a random craving for grape soda over this past weekend. I got my share, and now I'm satisfied :) 
  • The biggest development of all is that our baby girl is head down, very much unlike her big sister. This means I'll be pursuing a VBAC for delivery as long as she is on time or early. I didn't know it, but if she's late, they won't induce me and I'll have to have a c-section due to increased risk for a uterine tear since I've already had one c-section. I'm hopeful our girl will show up on her own!

  • I'm tired almost all the time because I'm having a terrible time sleeping. It's been really hard to get any decent rest at night because I'm so very uncomfortable. That and I'm taking a bathroom trip anywhere from 2-3 times in one night. I keep trying to look at it as God's way of prepping me for nursing a newborn. I'm almost more excited for that than what I'm currently experiencing for two reasons....1) I will be able to lay on my stomach again. 2) Even if I'm still getting little sleep while nursing, at least I won't be uncomfortable and I'll be sleeping fairly solidly when I am getting shut-eye. 
  • I'm still experiencing leg and foot cramps during sleep. Sometimes just rolling over to a different side will trigger a cramp.
  • I sleep with all the pillows these days. 

  • I've hit the point where I am very ready to not be pregnant. Pushing through these last weeks will be a bit of a challenge, especially as the discomfort grows. But, I know it will all be worth it.
  • I'm finding that these last weeks as a mama to an only child is very bittersweet. I've loved our 2.5 years together, just us, and I'm sad to see it go. At the same time, I'm very excited to welcome our newest little, meet her, and get in all those newborn cuddles. 
  • From being a SAHM to family life in general, I'm also wondering what life is going to look like with two littles. In all truth, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the idea of being outnumbered when I'm with my girls. But, I know I'll get a system down and it will be like I've always been balancing two instead of just one.
  • He is so excited to hold our baby girl, and I love listening to him talk about it. 
  • We've been reminiscing a lot on Greer as a baby and dreaming about what this little lady will be like. We keep saying how quickly it all goes and that we can't believe we're here again.
  • He's been taking charge of getting our 
  • He is the laundry champion, and I'm super thankful he's taking care of it because otherwise the Hills would all be running around naked ;)

  • She has started doing her routines with her baby dolls and calling them "baby sister." It's so very sweet, and it has me thinking that she'll embrace her new role as the big sister.
  • From changing diapers to getting pacifiers, Greer is still talking about all the ways she'll be mama's helper with baby. To say she's excited would be an understatement.
  • Greer has added "Apple" to her list of names for baby sister. Remember that goes on the list with "Hickory Nut."
  • Currently, she is super excited to get time with her Sidda (my mom) when we go to the hospital for Junebug's birth. She might even be more excited for this sleepover than meeting her sister! 
  • She has loved setting up the nursery with us, and even more so doing the laundry. We've washed some loads of hers with Junebug's and she gets the biggest kick out of separating the clothing and putting it away. 

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