Something To Swoon About Vol. 3

April 13, 2018

It's Friday, finally!! The high of the today is supposed to be in the 70's (amen!), the sun is shining bright, my windows are wide open, and my iced coffee is sitting next to me. All the while, my little is sitting at the table in her room typing away on an old keyboard telling me she is writing her blog post. And so it begins :) 

Life feels pretty sweet today, and that's a huge change from how we started our week out. It's not all sunshine and roses over here, I promise. Monday morning came early, with an eye appointment first thing, followed by a night of no sleep thanks to a toddler who didn't fall asleep until 4:30 in the morning. You read that right. She suddenly sparked a fear of the monitor hanging on her wall, which landed her in our bed (in hopes of a somewhat decent night of sleep). It didn't work though, and my largely pregnant self ended up on the edge of the bed for a few hours of sleep. None of that is a good combination. Husband and I both agreed we felt super affirmed in our choice not to co-sleep with our babes. I need my space, or at least three-quarters of the bed! 

Mix all of that with snow flurries and cold temperatures, and Monday was the Monday-est Monday ever. The warm weather later in the week, plus the monitor fear evaporating as soon as it came on, has done the three of us wonders. Now, if someone can tell my acid reflux to take a chill pill, that would be fantastic! 

To round out this week, here are some things I'm swooning about...

  • There's nothing like turning around in the van (while I'm the passenger, of course) and catching my child singing this song (we're currently obsessed)while wearing these sunnies. She's a million times adorable, and I love watching her little personality shine. Besides, her in those shades just about kill me. 
  • I'm looking at sweet little hats for Greer for the summer months, and I'm kind of obsessed with this sweet look that feels like it came out of the 20's/30's. And then there's this polka-dot option for all the splashing in the water.
  • I'm not much of a heel-wearer, but I love something with a little extra just for fun. I'm tall without any kind of help to begin with (I'm 5' 8"), so keeping the platform short is more ideal. And I'm really liking this option for the months ahead. How about you? Heels or not?
  • I ordered this standing mirror a couple of weeks ago (on a major deal/it's still on sale!), and it's finally arrived. It had to be shipped to the store, so we're going to make a family date of it this evening to pick it up. I can't wait to get it in place! 
  • I found these adorable to-go, hobnail glasses in the Target Dollar Section, and i've been loving them for my morning iced coffee. Head to my Instagram stories to see what they look like! Then run, don't walk to grab some for yourself! 
  • I've found that there is nothing cuter than my toddler in cotton, footed pajamas. And this week, Carter's was having a sale on jammies, so I scooped some up for her for the summer months. I can't even wait until they arrive. 

Happy weekending, friends!! Hopefully, I'll be back next week with my latest bumpdate. Baby girl is going to be here in 10 weeks, give or take! 

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