Springtime Snow

March 13, 2018

There's a seven-day countdown to spring, and I'm thrilled for a change of seasons. It means green grass, buds on trees, flowers blooming, and that much closer to meeting baby girl. I'm also so very excited for warm days and windows that are opened first thing in the morning...those subtle breezes of fresh air and birds chirping their song. 

Then yesterday morning showed up with SO much snow for the mountains of Virginia, and I was a bit dismayed. Typically, I love a snow-covered ground for the winter, but my heart has moved on to springtime. Though, I do have to admit that the joy it brings my sweet girl makes it worthwhile. Greer is in absolutely awe of the snow, and you've never seen so much wonder like you do when watching her peer through the blinds to take it all in. It's magical simply because of her. 

So we ventured out yesterday afternoon following nap time, and this girl of mine sunk right down into the 6"+ of snow we got. She made snowballs, dug for hidden sticks, built a snowman with her Sidda (my mom), and asked for the old flowers still sitting pretty and dried on their branches (see that last photo). Greer exudes joy, and I love how happy the snow makes her little heart. But, don't worry spring, I've still got my heart set on you!

Those feet of mine have started to disappear all together now. The depth of snow didn't help my cause. Baby girl, we're just shy of three months until your due date!