Little Love Letters || Countdown To Spring

March 6, 2018

dear springtime,
you are so close, yet the warm weather teases are long gone, only to be replaced by coldness and the threat of snow flurries. i can't handle it. bring back those warm days filled with sunshine and time outdoors.

dear lipstick,
i'm hoping your "petal" shade is perfection. i have high hopes!

dear cereal collection,
you've been real great to have hanging out in my pantry. it's a pregnant girl's dream to have so many options. sorry that i never seem to finish a box though. don't count on that happening either. thanks for understanding.

dear girls' night outs,
you don't happen often, but when you do, you are such a breath of fresh air. thanks for helping keep me sane.

dear matching knit jackets,
you arrived yesterday, and i'm smitten. i can't wait to put girl #1 + girl #2 in you. matching sisters are the least until they have an opinion about it

dear brown grass,
i'm so looking forward to the day you have finally turned a bright and lovely green. it's going to be splendid.

dear bedroom makeover,
i promise we will get you completed one day. hopefully, before the arrival of baby #2. i'm really excited for the new look, and i think you're going to be fabulous once done.

dear aisle of easter candy,
i have no self-control around you. i don't even know why i bother. i do love you so.

dear nectarines,
you have no idea how excited i am to see you in the produce section again. my pregnant self has been craving you like no other. my toddler has also taken quite the liking to you, which leaves me to enjoy you in secrecy if I want any at all.

dear daylight savings,
please take pity on me as we transition to new times with a toddler. i'm so very excited for longer days, but feeling a little hesitant about the time difference with a two-year-old. be gentle.

dear high school reunion,
i'm not even sure how it's almost time for you to happen. ten years since graduation? you're making me feel old. see you this summer unless baby girl's arrival interferes. 

cheers + xo's

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