Fall Family Photos || The Three Of Us

November 7, 2017

Happy Tuesday! I've been so excited to share our fall family mini session we did with my friend, Rachel Wells Photography. We definitely had to pretend it was a chilly October evening, because in fact it was hot and humid, though I did love the overcast skies. Rain or shine, hot or cols, I'm so glad that we captured this moment in time, and I'll cherish these photos always. Oh how much I love this little family of mine. I can't get over how big Greer looks and how much personality shines through her little body. This time feels so precious with as quickly as she grows. Being a family of three is so much fun, and we are soaking it all in. 

I thought it would be fun to share a little snippet of family life with you, brought to you from last night. We had put Greer down for bedtime, and had just finished picking up the kitchen and the family room. Husband and I were sitting on the couch when I looked down at the monitor to see that Greer had unzipped her pajamas, a new trick she has recently discovered. Husband went to zip her back up, when he found out she had also dirtied her diaper. I was still sitting on the couch with the monitor, when I heard husband call me back to help him. I scurried back, because changing a diaper doesn't require both of us, and I was worried something was wrong. 

I got back to the nursery, to be told that as husband had pulled the diaper out from under our toddler, the poop escaped the diaper and fell back behind the dresser. I kid you not. You may be asking how it fell all the way behind the dresser. Let me explain...We have floor vents lining some of the walls in our home. When we moved in, we didn't remove them, and left them as bones of the house. So Greer's dresser doesn't meet up with the wall, and there is about a three inch gap. Thus, plenty of room for poop to disappear into, though something we didn't ever expect. 

So I finished changing the diaper then rocked Greer as I watched husband pull the dresser (it is so heavy) out from the wall and fish the lost poop out from behind the dresser. And we're not talking just a little bit, we're talking it had to be cleaned off the floor vent, wall, and floor. I laughed the entire time. Who does this happen to?! Us, apparently. 

And now you can enjoy the rest of our family photos. I hope that brought you a little laugh this afternoon, just like it did us, as we all (even Greer) recounted it this morning!

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