One More Pumpkin Patch Adventure

October 23, 2017

After nap time on Saturday, we snuck off to the mountains for one last pumpkin patch adventure before it closes for the season. The next time we're here, we'll be chopping down our Christmas tree! I can't believe how quickly time is moving; it's the best time of year, from here through December, and I'm all for soaking up every little bit. This time around (see last time), we spent the last hour or so browsing through the pumpkins as the sun started making its descent. The light was perfection and made everything feel extra cozy.

Instead of the hayride to and from the patch, we opted to walk both ways and make our way through the corn maze on the way back. While the hayride is a lot of fun, I think walking is my favorite. I have mentioned before, but my family has been coming here for our Christmas trees for years. And that means, we've walked the Christmas tree farm up and down looking for the perfect tree. The views are stunning and the memories run deep. Now that there is a pumpkin patch, I love another reason for a visit. Most of all, I love sharing old traditions and creating new ones with husband and our sweet girl. 

Y'all, these pigtails. I can't get enough of them! She looks so grown up wearing them too. And can we talk about that little propped up foot? This age is so much fun, and every day she is doing/saying something new. Speaking of age, my sweet baby turned 22-months-old on Saturday, which means we are in the two-month countdown to her birthday. I can't believe we are nearing her second birthday already. 

My mom and sister joined us too. Greer loved having them come along and share in all of the pumpkin goodness. The more people, the merrier, after all! 

Do you see why I love this place so very much? Sweeping mountains, changing leaves, a patch full of perfect pumpkins, and Christmas trees waiting to claimed. I don't know that I'll ever visit another patch that makes me swoon more. 

And speaking of things I love, these two are at the tip top of the list. I'm so glad they enjoy the seasonal activities and holiday fun as much as I do. I wouldn't want to share them with anyone else. We're already planning a date for the great Christmas tree hunt late next month!

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