Greer-isms || Vol. 2

October 11, 2017

I see a car about to pass me with a dog sticking its head out the window, its ears just flapping away.
M: Greer, look out your window! Do you see a dog?
G: Oh. My. Goodness.
Proceeds to talk about seeing the doggy the rest of the way home.

While bouncing or wallowing on mama and daddy's bed.
G: I wild!

Out running errands together.
G: Target?
M: Nope.
G: Sarbucks? (how she says Starbucks)
M: Nope.
How telling is this?!

Loading up in the Target parking lot, the two larger dogs in the car parked next to us, start barking wildly, startling both me and Greer. 
M: It's okay, Greer.
G: **to the dogs** Okay, okay. Enough.
The dogs stop barking. And I finish loading Greer in her carseat.
G: Hewwo! **waving wildly at them.

After getting Greer dressed in a new fall outfit.
M: You're beautiful!
G: I boot-ful!

From my room, I overhear Greer not listening well to my mom as she gets her diaper changed.
M: Greer are you being nice?
G: No! Hungry!
Apparently, my daughter already knows what it feels like to be hangry.

Pulling toys out of the toy chest, Greer puts on a pair of sunglasses missing one of the arms, turns around to look at me (so proudly) with the sunglasses on wonky.
G: Sunnies!!

M: I love you!
G: Okay.

When being fussy, her daddy tells her to throw the fuss away. She starts fussing while getting her diaper changed.
D: Throw the fuss away!
To the stuffed animal heads on her wall, Greer responds...
G: Here-ya go, 'corn (unicorn)! Here-ya go, bunny! Here-ya go, Jesus!

When looking for something (usually a toy), and she finds it.
G: Ah-ha! Find it!

If someone pulls out a camera and takes her picture.
G: Mommy does. Mommy does.
Good to know that she is very aware of how many photos I take of her. #imthatmom

As soon as I finish putting coffee over ice in my cup.
G: Sip coffee, mommy, please?

When ever she is really enjoying something, whether it's a meal, playtime, or time with mama and daddy.
G: So, so nice!

Pumpkin waffles are adorably called "punky waffles," while all other pumpkin things are correctly called pumpkins.

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