Little Love Letters || September Edition

September 20, 2017

dear weather,
you need not act like it is august. we are halfway through september, and the dog days of summer are no more. let's get chilly again. okay??

dear fall,
you start in two days. but in my heart, you've been in full swing since the last part of august. i'm so excited you'll officially begin in less than 48 hours. 

no matter how old i get, i will forever love you. i will always grab a box or three when you first arrive in stores. i had my first bowl of the season just last night. because who doesn't love a little cereal before bed.

dear shoes,
you make me so happy. i can't stop wearing you. even with dresses and my shorts. you're going to look amazing with cropped jeans. 

dear grass,
you need to be cut, and hopefully for the last time this year. but i can't bring myself to pull the lawn mower out. 

dear sweater,
i can't wait for your arrival. my dear blogging friend has the cutest little shop, and i'm a smitten kitten with the clothes. 

you are such a nice little treat with a cup of iced coffee.

dear mini van,
two months in, and i never knew how much i could love you. i can't believe those sentiments belong to me. who am i? a van mom, that's who!

dear holiday season,
i see you, and i am so excited for your arrival. in the hill house, you officially being at the stroke of midnight on october 1st, the very best month of them all.

dear blog readers,
you delight my heart. thank you for your readership, your comments (i'm so bad at responding, but i read them and love them all), and your friendship. y'all are the very best!

cheers + xo's

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p.s.s. there's a fall home tour coming to the blog tomorrow, and i hope you'll be back to enjoy all the fall goodness!

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