Hello, Fall!

September 22, 2017

Welcome, fall!! The second best day of the year has arrived! Are you wondering what I consider the best day of the year? October 1st. It is, after all, the very best month of them all! We'll be rounding out the last week of September with a lot of fall goodness, though. We'll be celebrating husband's birthday and making our first of a couple trips to the pumpkin patch. It will be glorious!

Outside of the first day of fall, I am beyond excited to welcome husband home tomorrow after a week away for a work trip to Sweden. We'll be having a low-key weekend while he re-coups from jet lag, and I am so looking forward to it.

To celebrate the arrival of fall, here are some of my favorite things for the season...

  • How adorable is this pom beanie? And if mama has a beanie, baby does too. Look at this one!
  • I love lounging around in sweatshirts for cozy weekends. I grabbed this one today, and I am so excited to sport it.
  • A good throw blanket for cuddling up with! And this one is on sale! 
  • I love a good coffee mug, and Rachel and I are co-hosting a giveaway over on our Instagrams for you to win a fall mug and candle! Go enter!!
  • Go get yourself a treat on this Friday, first day of fall, and grab a non-fat salted caramel mocha frappuccino, no whip. It's delightful. If it's cold where you are (the summer heat showed back up in Virginia for who knows what reason), then grab this as a hot latte!

Have a lovely weekend! xo

p.s. You all have been the absolute sweetest over my fall home tour! I can't think you enough for all of the kind words! xo

p.p.s. Did you read my little love letters for September??