Friday Favorites

September 8, 2017

Fleece Jacket || Slip-On Shoes

Happy Friday! It is a crisp morning in the Virginia mountains. The air is light and cold, the sun is bright, and my baby is next to me pretending to be a barista, making me all sorts of coffee to try. I love a good start to the weekend, and I very much consider Friday my first unofficial day of the weekend.

Speaking of, coming off a long weekend helps keep the work week short, and I especially love that when husband has been on two business trips in a week's worth of time. Do you know what I'm most excited about this weekend? Our annual apple picking adventure! I'm so excited to take Greer, and spend some time on Carter Mountain, then later in Charlottesville. It's going to be a pretty lovely day, I can just feel it. After all, it is one of my favorite fall traditions. Who am I kidding? Everything fall is my favorite tradition :) 

This week has brought some new favorites, and I can't not share them with you before signing off for weekend fun.

  • First up is this sweater that I liked so much that I bought two of. For color choices, I went with the careless whisper and the spice. You'll catch me in one of these tomorrow.  
  • Another shirt I grabbed, was this flannel, which is perfect for all of the chilly weather we have been having. I'm so excited to welcome flannel back into my wardrobe rotation!
  • Mums! I never thought I liked them, but I felt very adamant about trying them out this year. And it creates the best fall feels on our porch. I love seeing them, and I can't wait to add pumpkins!
  • I snatched these sunnies up last Friday, and am happy I did so. I love matte, and I love tortoise shell. Combing them is a perfect marriage.
  • If you follow me on Instagram (@astleigh_hill), then you probably saw my post from Wednesday. We enjoyed pumpkin spice popcorn and hot cocoa with a fire, and well, it was amazing. I'll be sharing our recipe for making the popcorn next week. Stay tuned, friends! Also, invest in an air popper over the weekend so you can make it right away ;)
  • Greer is loving these magnetic alphabet letters! They keep her entertained, which is so helpful when I need to get something done. I just pull out a baking sheet and let her go to town. Or, if we are in the kitchen she'll stick them to the dishwasher. What I love most about these letters is that the magnet is the shape of the entire letter, and isn't a small piece that could be put in a mouth and choked on. 

xo, friend! Happy weekending!

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