Hilton Head Pt. 2

August 29, 2017

It's a rainy, overcast day in Virginia, making this the right time for some sunny photos from our last days on vacation. I can't believe it's been a little over two weeks since we first left for the beach. Time does not slow down, ever. And looking back, I think we went at just the right time. We closed out the summer by the ocean and returned home to kick off fall. 

Like I mentioned, this pink outdoor picnic blanket was a lifesaver, and it's where we typically found Greer while on the beach. Her very favorite thing was to play in buckets full of water. And even better than that, this girl was enamored by all of the sand dollars her daddy kept finding. On Thursday, when the water was at a gentle lull, you could find sand dollars with any step you took in knee-deep water. Personally, I don't like stepping on unknown things with bare feet. It gives me the ebbie jeebies. Husband, however, didn't mind, and thus he was able to navigate through the water and find endless sand dollars.

Fun fact, sand dollars emit an orange dye, which ended up all over Greer's hands. And I'm guessing it's a defense mechanism. I haven't googled it, so I can't say for sure what it is. 

One of husband's favorite parts of the beach is getting fresh blue crabs for dinner. So we've made this a tradition every time we visit the ocean. This year, while Greer napped back at our condo and my mom and sister stayed with her, husband and I made a little day-date to Bluffton, South Carolina, to grab some freshly steamed crabs for dinner that night. You can see our little walk through their downtown in this Instagram post. We ordered the crabs ahead of time and asked for them to be steamed and seasoned. 

Husband's favorite might be the fresh crabs, but this girl's favorite was the pool. She would have stayed all day, every day, if we would have let her. 

Here is the very last day, a girl in the sand without her pink blanket, and smiles by the water. Nothing short of a miracle, that waited to occur until our last day. #gofigure But, I'm so glad she warmed up to both of them, and hopefully the next time we visit she'll be ready to go from the start! Not only did she let mama and daddy take her into the water, but she even let my sister (the last photo). Progress may be slow, but it sure is sweet. 

And that is how we wrapped-up Hilton Head! Where is your favorite place to vacation?