Greer-isms || Vol. 1

August 31, 2017

The transition from baby to toddler brings so much fun, and I am loving all the new things happening as she approaches her two's. Greer is saying all kinds of things and her big personality is shining right through. She's as vivacious and witty as she is sweet and loving. My girl is a joy and also a hoot. I don't know where she gets some of the stuff she says and does. While other times I know exactly where she gets it from...monkey see, monkey do, y'all (insert cringing and crying while laughing emojis here). Greer is a sponge and soaks everything in, even when we think she isn't.

Honestly, I cannot get enough of her. And I really don't want to forget these things. So I'm starting a new series to document my girl's quirks and sayings and thoughts. Welcome to first post of Greer-isms!

M: What's your baby's name?
G: Greer!
M: Well, what's your name?
G: Baby!

G: Bacons!
M: It's ham. Is it good?
G: Mmmm!
**picks up another piece**
G: Bacons!
M: Sure.

Greer trying to get her daddy's attention:
G: Pete. Peeeeter!! (raising her voice the more she says his name)

Anyone, anywhere sneezes (like in the store).
G: Bless you!

A fly buzzes by...
G: Shoo! **followed by giggles**

M: **in a stern voice** Greer Arden Elizabeth!
G: Hill! **followed by a smirk**

M: Who's the light of the world?
G: Jesus Arden Ewisabef (Elizabeth) Hill!
**yes and no. cue the laughter**

Greer trying to open her toy chest and calls out to me:
G: Babes! Babes! Help, please! (Husband calls me babes.)

Greer drops something or someone else drops something:
G: Woosie Daisy!

Cat Pajamas || Pink Bow

Gets her baby doll stroller stuck and can't back it up. In complete frustration, she runs from the living room, into the dining room and around the table, and then back to where I'm sitting in the living room for a complete circle (all the while making a whining noise). Stops and looks up at me and says....

G: Fuss!

I'm glad to know you do in fact understand what it means when I say "fuss." Now let's try to understand what mama means when she says, "No fussing." ;)

Anytime we go through any drive-thru:
G: Fridays?! (what she calls french fries)

Whenever she sees the Starbucks symbol.
G: Coffee! Sip?!

I hope you laughed while reading as much as I did while typing. She's so much fun and a ball of energy and pizazz. We couldn't love her more if we tried!

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