FriYAY! + Some Favorites

August 11, 2017

Oh my goodness this week flew! Anybody else? While it was a slow blogging week, it was a full and busy five days including two dinners with friends + family, filling my home with festive fall décor, shipping out the fall pre-orders of Twine & Cotton candles, and beach-prepping. Yes, we're beach bound in less than 24 hours, and I'm SO excited for vacation and uninterrupted family time. #amen

Today has consisted of one million and one loads of laundry, but I'm happy to report that there are fresh donuts sitting in my kitchen. So that makes up for all the detergent-adding, lent-cleaning, clothes-folding that I've been doing. Now that it's past 5:00 and husband is on his way home to us, we can officially kick this weekend/vacation off! Until he arrives, Greer and I are taking a little break while it drizzles away outside and the clouds create the best kind of overcast cozy. She's watching her favorite cartoon while cuddled in on my side and mama is blogging this post. I thought I would put a bow on this week with some of my highlights and favorites. 

  • Have you seen these Halloween costumes for littles? I can't even. Who is scheming about costumes for their little(s)/family. I need some good ideas!
  • I'm really wanting some (barely) heeled clogs for the fall. I've found this pair and this pair, and while one has the right heel, it's got the wrong price tag. Have you found any similar clogs? If so, you must share!
  • If you haven't made this salad yet, you need to add it to your weekend menu. It's too good not to try!
  • In pulling out my fall décor, I've discovered that Greer is just as obsessed with pumpkins as her mama. She wants them all, and I can't blame her. So do I :) Speaking of fall, did you see my latest post on Darling Do's Facebook page?? Who's with me?
  • I finally painted my nails with Winning Streak by Essie that I've mentioned several times. And I. Am. In. Love. Greer loved it too and asked for polish on her toes too. Now we're matching. It's so much fun being a girl mom.

And a little question for you mamas out there...this vacation will be Greer's longest car ride as a toddler and fingers are crossed that she does well. If you have any tips or advice for successfully traveling long-distance with your toddler, leave them for me! #mamaneedshelp

Have a lovely weekend, friends! xo

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