Our 4th Of July Weekend!

July 5, 2017

Who's ready to relive the holiday weekend?? Are we all nodding in agreement? I know I am, and it's making this Wednesday start-to-the-week a little harder to get going and moving. But, I am thankful for such a fun four days with my people. We worked on projects, picked blueberries, projected again, attended a wedding, projected once more, stopped to swim with family and grill burgers, projected still, then had family over for 4th of July festivities. 

We kept yesterday simple with a light, snacky lunch, card games while my little one napped, a stroll through a casual downtown festival, more games, followed by dinner, fireworks, and ice cream cookie sandwiches. 

We grabbed a bag of this locally roasted coffee, and picked Ardi because it was recommended for cold brew. I have high hopes! Cute packaging nonetheless!

This girl of mine wanted to get in the bounce house so badly. Luckily, there was an open section of bounce house, so we put her in right on the side so she could jump while her daddy held on to her. With other bigger kids not paying too much attention to her whereabouts, she quickly decided it wasn't what she had hoped for. The swings were more her stride, and she loved them like she always does. 

Getting pictures of Greer is getting harder and harder because she just doesn't want to stand still long enough. Any other toddler mamas with me?? She's still incredibly adorable even if I can't get her to smile or look at the camera :) I did manage to snap a great one of her on my phone, though, and I popped it up on Instagram

As evening fell, we headed outside for sparklers and fireworks before little bit's bedtime. She was unsure at first, but quickly warmed up to the bright crackling attractions. I mean, look at that excited face!

Real life, as soon as we got back from the downtown festival, I swapped my jeans for pajama pants. Lounge pants with a stretchy waisteline + all the good food = best decision ever!

Our night ended on a sweet note with the easiest dessert. Two cookies with vanilla ice cream in between and patriotic sprinkles on the sides. Simple, delicious, and festive. What more could you ask for? I hope you and yours had the best 4th of July and holiday weekend! 

Annnndddd, congratulations to Nancy Loring! You are the winner of the Fantasy Fields Outdoor Table + Chairs Set!! I'm sending you an email, please respond to me in 24 hours!