Fresh Peaches, Yes Please!

July 13, 2017

We are having a love affair with the peach orchard this summer. Ever since discovering Chiles Peach Orchard, we've been in fresh peach heaven, because nothing gets better than a ripe, straight-from-the-tree peach. We can testify to that sentiment now that we have two visits in the book. 

I think what I love best about going to the orchard is the experience, because no matter how many times you go, it's different each trip. We made our adventure out to the scenic spot after a weekend in husband's hometown doing a little work at his parents'. It was the perfect way to close out our Sunday before heading back home.

She's too cool, and I think she might just know it. I love her personality and that it shines right through the older she gets. It's such a joy to watch her develop into the little human God made her. Now if only I could be that cool.

I found the cutest little peplum tank (it comes in 4 colors!) at PinkBlush, and it was perfect for the heat while we were out picking our share of peaches. And I couldn't pass up on the chance to do a little matching with my little. I found her peplum top here

Little miss is working on her smiling game. I either get a great big cheese or this closed-teeth, slightly scrunched nose, okay-mom-but-only-once smile. It's kind of amusing that she is already over my antics, but I think she's knows those antics of mine will never go away. So she puts up with her mama and appeases me :) 

Also, can we talk about those wisps of hair above her ear?! They are adorable, and her hair is finally getting longer, which is fun to see. I love her little wispies and the occasional curl she gets on the back of her head. 

We were most excited to pick donut peaches on this trip, but to our dismay they weren't quite ready for picking. Luckily, they did have some pre-picked, and we were sure to grab a carton worth on our way out. That and a peach cider slush for me and a lemonade slush for husband. 

If you've never had a donut peach, you're missing out on sweet goodness. They are sweeter (to me) than a normal peach, and they are flat and dumpling-like. While they're not great for baking, they are great for snacking! 

On our way out we ran into familiar faces who had stopped by the orchard for some of their homemade peach ice cream. These three are peas in a pod, and it's more than fun to watch them all interact with one another. Cousins sure are one of the sweet things of life.

See our last visit to the peach orchards, HERE.

Till next time! And I mean that with all sincerity because I wouldn't be surprised if we ended back up at the orchard for round three!

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