Little Love Letters || June Edition

June 23, 2017

dear summer,
you've been really lovely so far. but i have to admit, i already have eyes for fall. i just can't help it. Pinterest isn't helping either. 

dear hilton head,
i saw a glimpse of you on the bachelorette this week. it made me that much more excited for august. i can't wait to see you in a little under two months. see you soon!

you're cute and comfy too. i'm glad i went ahead and bought you on a whim.

dear backyard rhododendron,
thank you for blooming after all. i thought you were dying, but you surprised me this week with bright pink blooms that turned into light pink/white flowers. you're lovely. 

i've got my eye on you. i think you'd be great year-round. 

dear blueberry hill,
we've discovered that visiting you in the early morning before the sun is high and hot is perfection. we will be back a whole lot more over these next couple of months.

you were just wonderful! and greer loved you even more than i did. i think we just found our summer solstice tradition.

dear family room,
i just rearranged you, and i love where we're at so far. i've got some design ideas to transform you a bit more. for a huge overall, i'd love to knock down one of your walls, but i think i need a contractor for that. who wants to come demo this room for me??

you had me at stripes, and you make the perfect companion for my chair. welcome to your new home.

cheers + xoxo's!

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